We love our animals – and yours. If you live in or visit the Ojai Valley, you are likely to have one or more pets living in or around your home. Rainbow Bridge customers often care about what their pets eat and enjoy, as much as any other family member. Our pet supplies reflect that love with the largest selection of grain-free, organic and special-need dietary foods and chewables in the valley. Please ask for samples to take home to your pets. Some of the brands we stock are PureVita, Petcurean Now, Halshan, Taste of the Wild, Evanger’s and Small Batch.

With more people understanding the importance of balanced, high-quality nutrition for our animals, the natural pet food market is growing rapidly. Rainbow Pets now features a large selection of raw pet foods, ranging from traditional raw protein like beef, chicken and turkey to more exotic proteins like pheasant, venison and rabbit.

If we don’t stock something that satisfies your pet’s dietary needs, please let us know. Our goal is to optimize the health of your pets by providing them with the best food possible.

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