We wanted to start the Lifestyle portion of our informational “What’s Happening” section by introducing you to Rainbow Bridge’s General Manager and Co-owner, Ernest Niglio. Please take the time to get know this talented, experienced operator of, and buyer for, our natural foods store.

From Ernest:

My wife, Mariann, our two young children, and I were lifelong New Yorkers. However, knowing that my big-city stress levels were not sustainable, we began to look elsewhere. The year was 1996.

I had been reading Krishnamurti since I was 14 years old and knew of Oak Grove School in the Ojai valley. Through life’s synchronicity, we connected with Mary Trudeau, a parent at the school; she was planning to buy the existing, little health food store, with plans to revamp and modernize it. Mary had been searching for a General Manager. A phone call later, a new partnership began to form that grows stronger with every year.


While Mariann and I were trying to make our final decision about Ojai, we went to our favorite breakfast café while on a trip to Maine. We looked up and—BAM!—there was a bumper sticker for Ojai Valley Pixie Tangerines. That was clearly the sign we needed to seize the opportunity.

The health food world has improved dramatically in terms of the products that have been developed, but at its core, people are still looking for the same things. They want to find ways to support their health and become as highly functional as possible. Today, we have so much more information and easier access to high-quality products that cater to varied food preferences or restrictions.

I am truly proud of what we offer at Rainbow Bridge, as I believe that it reflects the desires and needs of the Ojai community. Additionally, if you have any questions or comments, please email me directly at